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Integration dv360

Get more out of DV360 with Engram

Advertise on Google and show the right message to the people.

Google Marketing Platform: a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.

The integration enables you to instantly send customer data to the Google Marketing Platform and trigger the conversation. And to send collected insights in the Google Marketing Platform to Engram.

Engram provides an easy-to-use event mapping interface so you can easily create relevant communication for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s not about enriching the channel with extra data, it’s about enriching the conversation you have with people.

Enrich the conversation with knowledge you have gathered by getting to know the people. Make people feel heard and understood by showing a relevant message anywhere, anytime. But more importantly, be transparent to the people and give (back) data control to the people.

At Engram, people always stay in control of their data.

Way easier than building it yourself

Build an integration in as little as a few hours with Engram Synapse©

Engram - Engram Synapse

Quickly create a single source of truth

We transform the data before loading it, so it’s easy to query.

We make sure the data is optimized for analytics. 

Schematize data based on standard schema.