Let's give people a better experience

From vision to reality. Intuitive, Intelligent and Autonomous. Engram is a new kind of people centric marketing platform. 
Create Value for People, become more Valuable as Brand.

The only limitation is your imagination

Marketing is not about managing your Channels. It’s about people interacting with your content.

Whether it is the complexity of tooling, the intensity of the process of creating and publishing content or the dependency to connect platforms to each other. All currently result in a limitation of personalization.

We make digital marketing communication simple and accessible again for everyone. That’s why we have reinvented the way to Define, Create, Publish and Analyse personalized content.

Engram enables you to create the best human experience!

Human Driven

Human Driven

Build up! Engram's fundament is the perspective of human. Everything in Engram is assembled to design the best human experiences. Because of this, we have managed to bring back the platform to the essence. Engram is the most human centric platform available.

Content Accelerated

Content Accelerated

Scale up! Engram’s ease of use enables you to create content in maximum speed for all kind of formats and channels. Go as far as you like, the easiest way possible. Indicate how you want the human experience to look like and Engram automatically generates all the formats and versions you need.

Data Guided

Data Guided

Grow up! Effortlessly add all kind of data to the Engram platform and learn more about the people. The more you know, the more relevant you can shape the experience. You decide how much effort you put in the relationship. We help you to find the best data for you and the people you interact with.

Easy Interface

Easy Interface

Learning curve? Zilch. Start playing with the platform right away. The platform is extremely intuitive. Because Engram looks and feels exactly like the G Suite tools you already use every day, you’ll be up and running in minutes, not months.

Easy Connecting

Easy Connecting

Complex set-up phase? Superfluous. We know your tech stack is already complex enough. Engram is developed to operate autonomously. It works with and in addition to your existing systems. You won’t be constrained by technology.

Easy Pricing Plans

Easy Pricing Plans

Huge costs before benefits? Negligible. When creating our pricing model, we wanted to ensure the following: Affordability, Simplicity & Value-Based. Only pay for what you use.

What is Engram?

Is it a DCO? DAM? DMP? DSP? There is actually not 1 label which fits completely, because Engram is a combination of the best elements of all these types of platforms.

We bring elements of those platforms together in order to provide you with the best platform for your marketing activities. Enable you to set up your marketing communication from start to finish within this platform.

We like to call us an Human Experience Platform (HXP), but if you want to label us with a market-known label then label us as a CDP. For the simple reason: a person is at the heart of this label. Just like in Engram.

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Engram - parallax new

1st, 2nd and 3rd party data

Whether it is a prospect or an existing customer. You can address everyone with Engram.

Engram - arrow right

Create Audience

Select the typical characteristics of your audience.

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Engram - audience selection
Engram - audience selected new
Engram - create creative
Engram - ad created new
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Design Creative

Simple drag-and-drop and create a unique experience for the specific audience. It’s just as simple as creating a powerpoint presentation.

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Uniform Experience

Engram automagically generates all formats and version for you to be able to deliver a uniform customer experience in all channels.

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Engram - generate 1
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Easy Connecting

Engram operates autonomously, but also connects seamlessly with your other marketing technology solutions. There are also connectors for every data source.

Integrate via SMTP or API in 30 minutes or less. Engram supports the programming languages, development frameworks, and client libraries you rely on, making it easy to customize your customer’s experience.
Engram - DV360
Engram - Facebook
Engram -
Engram - Salesforce
Engram - Adobe
Engram - Oracle

Save Wise, Spend Wiser

We live in an age which calls for transparency.

Have total control over your marketing budget within one single platform. Quickly connect your channels. Whether it’s your social channel, display or anything else. Open the box, take out the black boxes.

Take control again and open the black boxes. 

Stop hopping between siloed workflows and take a breather by staying within one platform. Engram facilitates people are better aligned, since all people work with the same source. Don’t lose valuable time that is caused by ambiguities or miscommunication.

Don’t waste time jumping across applications. Manage all your campaigns in one UI. Whether it’s your campaign in Facebook, the Google network, another DSP, your email or perhaps your website. 

Engram - Saving Money min
Engram - Speed min 1

More Work, Less Time

The customer expectations are constantly increasing, it is your responsibility to meet those.

Scale is an indelible component of marketing solutions in order to justify cost, and even more so in the automated programmatic age.

Because Engram looks and feels exactly like the G Suite tools you already use every day, you’ll be up and running in minutes, not months.​

As many dependencies as possible have been removed from the chain. Due to the increased autonomy, by the platform, you can easily adjust things yourself.

Go as far as you like, the easiest way possible. In order to have the same message everywhere, you only have to indicate once what you want and Engram generates all kind of formats and variations.​

Set up tests with lightning speed. And use Ghost Experiences to see the actual effect of the created Experience. Your customer experience will be much better within no time. 

Stop Dependencies, Preserve Essence

It’s time to take the control. Manage your customer experience.

Inconsistencies during important interactions damage (brand) relations.

All creatives are managed from a single platform. Check at a glance all content that your customer gets to see and whether all experiences are in line with each other (for all channels). Ensure that everything meets the guidelines of your brand. You thereby keep control of your brand perception.

If you manage all channels separately, you will have an attribution challenge. In addition, it is also difficult to respond quickly to striking events and adjust your overall channel strategy. With Engram you manage this centrally.

You no longer have to spend all your time and effort to implement your marketing activities. Engram empowers the marketing team to make a difference and saves time to amplify your marketing vision. Stay in the forefront of marketing.

Engram - Control min 1

Take The Lead

Scale Communication, Deliver Personalization. Engram will revolutionary change the way you do marketing. Your customer will like it!

Set Up Platform

Less Time 50%

Design Experience

Less Time 60%

Set Up Campaigns

Less Time 70%

Unified Message Across Channels

Less Time 90%

All You Need

Engram contains several apps. These apps can be used separately and each app suits the needs of your team. Engram’s platform brings the apps together, allowing teams to work seamlessly together and unlock their full potential.

Digital Asset Management

As easy as managing your smartphone content

In this section you can find all your images, videos, logo’s, fonts, CTA’s, etc. Upload all content easily by simply dragging them into the library with the drag and drop feature. This same principle can be used to create groups. This makes organizing really easy.

This library will give you an overview of the content used in your digital marketing communication. You can immediately see which content is currently in use. What’s available. And what content is still waiting for permission to use.

Engram - imac6

Digital Asset Management

A smart asset library

Easily manage your digital marketing assets with the asset manager. Add all sorts of relevant context to the content, such as the department that may use the content or a date until when the rights of the content have been bought. Or add tagging to be able to quickly find the right content back.

Digital marketing communication always requires many different dimensions. Within Engram all these formats are generated automatically. By assigning anchor points to each image, Engram calibrates the assets so they are always displayed optimally.

And we will start learning. The more images and anchor points we have processed, the better the advice for an anchor point in the future will be. We will become so accurate you don’t even have to check this.

Engram - 2 Image Specification min

Customer Data Management

Harmonize with the right audience

To make your communication as relevant as possible, it start with selecting the right audience. This audience builder will foster your creativity. Determine the identity of your audience by selecting from the offered characteristics. You immediately see how big your audience is.

Because it is so easy to create specific audiences, you will also organize your communication in a much more focused way. The digital marketing communication will be more relevant and your creativity will be stimulated.

Engram - 3 Create Audience min

Data Management

Put data to work (1st, 2nd or 3rd party data)

Engram enables you to easily add data sources. Multiple sources will be linked to each other by Engram’s Graph ID. Select the data source you want to add in the marketplace. As a result, your possibilities with the audience builder will be extended. By adding data sources you can create audiences with more characteristics and your communication becomes even more relevant.

Engram - 3a Select special data source min

Dynamic Creative

A creative playground​

Within Engram you can build your creative entirely yourself. Intuitively drag and drop elements to your creative. Or even add elements to the creative which will insert content based on data about the viewer at the moment of creative serving.

With the user-friendly interface it is very easy to have your message ready within a few minutes. You can see immediately what it will look like.

If you can make a presentation, you can also make creatives with Engram.


Engram - 5 Design creative min

Personalization Engine

A creative playground

Add your logo, images or videos from your library (the digital asset management section in Engram). Create an overlay and put text over the overlay. Place a button with a call to action. And all this can be enriched by adding animation effects. With the animation effects you can make objects appear, disappear or move. You can also change the size or color of an object.

We listen carefully to your wishes and as soon as you are ready, all variants are automatically generated. This way they become immediately available for all channels and you guarantee a uniform experience.

Engram - 6 Generate Creatives in all sizes min

Customer Experience Manager

Dashing through the wizard​

Publishing a campaign is done through the wizard. Step by step you walk through the wizard. Select the audience you just created. Select 1 or more creatives which you have created. If you select multiple creatives you can indicate in which ratio you want the creatives to be shown. Finally, decide where the creatives should be published and you are done.

Engram - 7 Create Campaign min

Customer Data Management

Every customer moment. Captured.

Within Engram the consumer is the heart of the platform. In this activity line you can see which creatives have been shown to an individual consumer. 

This is information of the consumer. That’s why we make it possible to give the consumer access to their timeline. In this way the consumer controls their profile. This transparency and control means the customer gives feedback and future communication becomes even more relevant. (Hint: your customers will love this)

We anticipate a new movement in which the consumer demands control over their data.

Engram - 8 Activity Line per Customer min


Think with Engram

No optimization without data. You can see the general results in the dashboard. This way you can see, for instance, whether the brand / conversion ratio is optimally chosen.

Select a campaign to see the results. This way you can also optimize on campaign level. If multiple versions have been used in a creative, you can view the results of this test the Analytics section.

Engram - 9 Dashboard min

Fabulous Action Button

Check with Engram

Check at a glance whether the right creative is displayed.
By replaying the customer experience you can check the customer’s experience in the real life setting.
Use the FAB to check on which data points the creative is displayed. Or check what another creative would look like in this setting.
And if that is not enough, you can also immediately get suggestions from unused data points that often occur with your (potential) customers.



Engram - 10 FAB min

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Start Small

We believe in value based pricing. Contact us to get a quote.
  • 10 members
  • Journey Planner
  • Campaign Manager
  • Audience Builder
  • Data Marketplace
  • Creative Builder
  • Assets Manager
  • Profile Manager
  • Analytics Centre
  • Font Library, Vector Cliparts, Buttons, Images, Animations & Transitions
  • You will be able to open unlimited tickets

Get Growing

We believe in value based pricing. Contact us to get a quote.
  • 25 members
  • Beside the basic features:
  • Audience Recommender
  • Brand / Activation Ratio Optimizer
  • Ghost Ads Testing
  • Inventory Quality Assessor
  • Win Rate Optimiser
  • Manage Members
  • Beside the basic content options:
  • Video & dynamic fields
  • Call center available during opening hours
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Branch Out

We believe in value based pricing. Contact us to get a quote.
  • 100 members
  • Beside the business features:
  • Data On-Premise (and/or Cloud)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Custom Data Integrations
  • Create Animation Templates
  • Beside the business content options:
  • Text fields for interactive content (input)
  • Account manager 24/7 support


Hello. We are Engram

An Engram is a unit of cognitive information inside the brain, theorized to be the means by which memories are stored as biophysical or biochemical changes in the brain in response to external stimuli.

In 2016, an MIT study found that memory loss in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease could be reversed by strengthening specific memory engram cell connections in the brains of Alzheimer mouse models. These were first test results. While still no medicine has yet been found to cure Alzheimer. This disease usually starts slowly and gradually worsens over time. With serious symptoms as a result.

Engram is linked to the Alzheimer’s disease. We therefore commit to the Alzheimer’s research and support the Alzheimer’s foundation.

Engram Sculpture

Director Product Cell

Pim Prins

With almost 10 years of experience in marketing tooling, Pim has worked with almost all kinds of markerting software. Pim is the super user of marketing software and knows exactly how marketers work with the platforms. With his knowledge and experience combined with his vision on marketing, he brings Engram to the highest level. He puts the user experience first and through his design skills he shows in detail how Engram should work.

Director Tech Cell

Alexander Oude Dam

When the first software for Digital Marketing was developed, Alexander build the fundament of 1 of the best applications back then. In the years that followed Alexander operationalized various marketing software packages as a consultant, while working on the marketing infrastructure of various large organizations. Together with an enormous drive and a customer-centric mindset, Alexander ensures that Engram is the best there is to find in the technical field.

Director Data Cell

Steven Oliemans

Steven has worked at 1 of the largest data strongholds in the world. When you look for someone who knows what the data needs are or how you write the best algorithms then you have to call Steven. The intelligence he adds to Engram ensures that we can create lasting memories with Engram. Steven also has a lot of experience with start-ups. Engram is still a young and fast-growing organization. The experience that Steven brings ensures that growth runs even more optimally.

Let's Work Together

If you have any doubt or questions about our the platform please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to reply to your questions and help you understand how awesome this platform is.